Magseam® Walling

As a premier manufacturer, we specialize in professional seamless garage wall systems tailored for motorsport applications. MAGSEAM walls represent a straightforward construction system comprising aluminum beams and columns, onto which aluminum sandwich panels are effortlessly affixed via a magnetic system. This design allows for the rapid and efficient construction of expansive areas. Our modular beam system accommodates various-sized television screens, helmet boxes, LED and 3D logos, tables, doors, and technical data stations. We produce our own unique and patented aluminum columns – profiles. The construction time is minimized, the system is sophisticatedly mechanically levelized, and the result is captivating. We deliver a top-tier product at a fair price.

Another vital aspect is the transportation of the MAGSEAM system using our specially manufactured flight case. All components and accessories fit into one box, offering an “all-in-one” solution. Overall, the system boasts the lowest possible weight, thus effectively reducing transportation costs. We strive for high sustainability in the project.

All our MAGSEAM wall products are crafted from the finest materials available and designed to provide years of trouble-free use. The MAGSEAM brand holds the EUIPO trademark #018065394, ensuring quality and innovation in every piece.

The main benefits include:

# versatility of each part in any construction position

# quick and user-friendly installation process

# effortless levelling of the system on uneven surfaces

# affordable and instant replacement of a damaged part

# focus on the low weight of the entire system

# transport flight case as an all-in-one solution

# elegant design in a super glossy finish

# customization of colours and surfaces on request

# great value for money



Code:  0100121XXX

MAGSEAM is a seamless aluminum sandwich panel system, boasting a mere 3mm thickness yet providing exceptional rigidity and a lightweight profile. Its composite material design ensures it remains resilient and flexible, not prone to brittleness, and possesses superior surface strength. This robust construction facilitates installation in challenging environments, including areas with uneven flooring. Available as a single-sided standard or a double-sided variant upon request, MAGSEAM allows for a finished appearance on both sides of the walling. Our proprietary vertical profiles, both manufactured and patented, offer unparalleled versatility in building alignment and foster innovative architectural solutions.

END LED illumination can be selected for example to allow a green light to enter the box when the public or guests can enter freely, and red to visually restrict the entrance to the box. Or choose just LEDs in a colour matching the team’s design, allowing you to set the colour from the RGB colour swatch.

All MAGSEAM systems and accessories can be stored in one FLIGHT CASE, which is ingeniously made to safely store every element of the system. All in a single package

Optional accessories (not included in price):

  • 0100111091 / MAGSEAM HELMET BOX ( option with LED )
  • 0100111092 / MAGSEAM HELMET DRYING BOX ( kit to 0100111091 )
  • 0100111000 / MAGSEAM HELMET LED ( kit to 0100111091 )
  • 0100111093 / MAGSEAM TV MONITOR 24″ ( kit to panel )
  • 0100111096 / MAGSEAM TV MONITOR 32″ ( kit to panel )
  • 0100111094 / MAGSEAM WINDOW ( kit to panel )
  • 0100121500 / MAGSEAM CAD PROJECT ( free of charge in case of realization )
  • BOX LOGO LIGHT ( on request )
  • LOGO LIGHTED 3D ( on request )
  • TABLES ( on request )
  • SLIDING DOOR ( on request )
  • CUSTOM SOLUTION ( on request )


Code:  0100121001

We have prepared four standard MAGSEAM projects for you. Each is designed for one garage with dimensions of about 10x6m.

The standard project S1 and S2 are the basis. For projects N1 and N2, we have prepared end LED modules with the possibility of lighting the end profiles. All projects include transport MAGSEAM FLIGHT CASE.

  • base colour ULTRA WHITE glossy
  • connecting gates between the entrance walls
  • flight case “all in one” solution
  • all accessories on request ( not included in the price )
MAGSEAM Flight Case

MAGSEAM Flight Case

Code:  0100111095

MAGSEAM FLIGHT CASE is designed for easy and safe transportation of your MAGSEAM composite panels and profiles.This box is designed for about 40 running meters of built-up area. Dimensions are 2180 x 1192 x 552 mm in transport version. On request, we can produce flight case according to your specifications, including storing all TV monitors, boxing helmet and other accessories.

  • high protection of all components
  • high torsional rigidity
  • focus on weight minimisation
  • customer requirements optional