24H LE MANS 2024 !

24H LE MANS 2024 !


We take immense pride in announcing that our products featured prominently in the globally renowned 24 LE MANS 2024 race, a testament to their reliability and performance. Our PIT BOARD CL-8 and CL15 models were notably utilized, with a total of 26 pit boards the event’s pit wall. These products were trusted by top-tier teams including Ferrari, AF Corse, Toyota Gazzo Racing, Porsche Penske Motorsport, Alpine Endurance Team, Inception Racing, TF Sport, BMW M Team WRT, Whelen Cadillac Racing, Akkodis ASP Team, Proton Competition, DKR Racing, Manthey, Cool Racing, Vector Sport, TF Sport, Idec Sport. This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality products that meet the demanding needs of world-class racing events.


Our IB100 rotary arms and IJ100 rotary club have a substantial presence along the extensive pitlane. These high-quality, stainless steel arms, validated by years of reliable service, are a common sight outside the garages of revered racing teams like Toyota Gazzo Racing, Proton Competition, Idec Sport, and TF Sport. They are perfectly paired with our RF200-FIA-WEC refuelling rig, further cementing our genuine commitment to quality in the competitive world of racing.INSIDE THE GARAGE:Right in the middle of all the excitement, you’ll stumble upon gems like TF Sport, Cool Racing, Duqueine Team, Isotta Fraschini, Panis Racing, and Interpol Competition. Take a peek inside our garage, where our MAGSEAM seamless walling reflects our true passion for what we do.


Welcome to the Working Paddock. Discover a multitude of our products designed to make your team’s job smoother at the races. Our range includes everything from TYRE TROLLEYS and BOTTLE TROLLEYS to WHEEL BATHS, along with many more fantastic items. These tools are here to make your race day a whole lot easier.

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