For 13 years with 24 LE MANS

For 13 years with 24 LE MANS

It has been 13 years since we first visited the centre of auto racing, a world called 24 HOURS OF LE MANS. In 2009, we deployed our first product in this largest and toughest race in the world. That product was our unique LED TIMING BOARDS. And it was the American CORVETTE RACING team that honoured us with their trust, and to this day, these products remain part of their very successful mission and regular mission with CORVETTE cars. And they are not alone, this product is our long-standing bestseller, and its quality is confirmed by other top teams of PORSCHE MOTORSPORT, ALPINE RACING, TOYOTA MOTORSPORT, WRT, RISSI COMPETIZIONE, and many others. Since 2009, our portfolio has expanded to virtually all possible groups of PIT EQUIPMENT. Today, we are one of the suppliers with the widest range on the market. Especially in the area of PIT STOP, you will find a large group of our exclusive products, which include REFUELING RIGS and also the unique ROTARY BOOMS. Interior garage equipment comprises of our popular seamless walling MAGSEAM or overhead lighting POWERHOOD. And we must not forget another area of equipment, and that is tyre care. Here, you will find our sophisticated TIRES HEATER RACKS in various options as well as practical WHEEL BATHS.

Our company offers the best possible solution in terms of quality and reasonable price ratio. Our goal has always been to satisfy all needs from factory and professional private teams to teams that are at the very beginning of their racing career. Our goals are high and demands on quality, processing, design, and environmental impact constantly move us forward. We are looking forward to the new 2022 season, which will bring you some fundamental new products in our offer and, above all, will disclose the overall direction of our company for the next decade. We will be presenting more information soon, so follow us. I must also thank all our long-term business partners in the sale of our products and our other suppliers, among which we must note the following companies: PAOLI, BREDA RACING, STAUBLI, KRONTEC.

We look forward to meeting with you and wish much success in the future!

On behalf of the entire CASELINER team,

Robert Lucak Sr.